Sunday, July 19, 2015

I had the surgery.  Dr. Elmes put in a Rod, Screws, and sewed up some ligaments.  Leg still in a Splint!  Half hard, half soft, to accommodate the swelling. I am still bedridden for two more weeks.  So I will be in bed for 30 days.....yuk!  Then hopefully, he will give me a walking cast, so I can get out of this darn bed.

Sunday, July 5, 2015

I fell on a porch---someone left their sandle right in the doorway.  I fell straight down on to my ankle, and it broke off my leg bone. It was really ugly. Luckily the leg bone didn't puncture through the skin.  I was 10 miles out a dirt road, and my good friends, just worked with me to get me in their truck, and drive slowly to the Santa Cruz hospital.  A bit of butt sliding, and use of their me in the truck bed and we were off. I was down in the Cruz for work, and had to get home, to have the surgery. This part was touch and go, but thankfully, my dear friend, handiman, came right down. He had a good friend that dropped everything and drove down with him to lend a hand. She drove me and my car back.  I am so relieved.  Being home is better.  I am alone--which sucks, but this is my life.  MY next door neighbor, Lorraine, and the handiman, Robert, are on call, and have been so very very kind. It is hard being so vulnerable, and hurt like this, with no one living with me to help me. This is my life! Holiday weekend, had everything closed too, but Monday is coming up strong.  Hopefully, I can get my primary to give me a referral straight to the Sports Orthopedist, so I don't have to do more car trips than necessary. That is very hard to do.  Entering and exiting my Mobile Home is hard. I have stairs.