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Hovercraft..must see:

Hovercraft hovercraft must see...

Friday, June 27, 2014

How to organize your closet for tools or crafting supplies Season 2: Ep. 6

The Basement: DIY Outdoor Bench - in less than an hour

The Basement: DIY Outdoor Bench - in less than an hour: This is the fun bench we created! Ok so I saw this bench on pintrest maybe you did too? And I thought we (my hubby and I) could m...
DIY MAGNETIC SPICE RACK June 21, 2012 Storing your spices on the wall is a great way of freeing up precious cabinet space in a small kitchen. You can make your own DIY wall spice rack by using a cookie sheet or pizza pan with magnetic spice containers – the colorful spices will also doubles as artwork! You can also make your own magnetic spice containers with store bought spices by simply gluing magnets (from the dollar store) to the bottom of small round spice containers – I used liquid nails glue. For square spice containers, you can glue thin magnetic sheeting material on the back.