Monday, December 10, 2012

Frank's Gift..Bali

My beloved friend Frank, was an incredible host. He reminded me to "receive".  I learned to be a "guest", in the true sense of the word.  He made oatmeal, and wonderful Indian food for me, and his other Brahma Kimradi (sp) associates, often. It was wonderful!  See my sweet Bali home...

See----this is the reason....that I made the move....They stop in on my often, and it makes me blissfully happy!  2013 will be a wonderful year. The kids are very close to buying their first house. It won't be in Vacaville. But, it is not very far away.  They found a nice house in Southern Sacramento, near Dannie's brother and his terrific wife, and family. There are really good schools near by, and the price is amazing. I will miss not having them so close, but it will be my turn to drop in on them I guess.  I hope this finds you all well and happy....sharing the holiday Joy!

I am enjoying these Holidaze!  Being here in Northern California is a real treat. I know you all think Hawaii is wonderful, and it is, but after all my years there, and losing my Makaha house to the slumping environment...imagine, Hawaii is even worse...I am happy to be here in Vacaville. I made my final payment on my Mobile Home, and even managed to get insurance on it today. It is a pretty old one, but in an excellent park and in excellent shape.  They even said they'd cover it up to $81,000 in value--Hallelujah!