Sunday, November 13, 2011

Got a new car.....well new to me--2010!

My 2003 Hyundai Santa Fe---now it needs a Catalytic Converter---$1000 repair!  Yikes! Last summer it needed the top half rebuilt, and I put in a new Air Conditioner and Timing Belt.  With my work---I couldn't wait for a repair...would have taken a week or more. So, I went shopping, and settled on a cute Green Kia Soul!  You know the one with the dancing, hip hop Guinea Pigs!  I can get with that!  Hahaha.

They let me keep my Hyundai, since it wasn't working anyway.....So----If all goes well....I will sell my boat this week, and take $1000 and fix it!  Then I will have my cute--2003 Hyundai up for sale!