Thursday, August 11, 2011 really really hot!

My sinus' have bothered me for weeks. I probably need to swim more.....the ocean is a terrific neti pot.  This is a restaurant I hope to find in Roma this fall.  I am having a hard time focusing.

I hope your all having a good summer.

My chicks are growing friend helped me clip their wings again. I just don't want them running all over the place. The manure goes in my garden, when I want it too, not everyday.

The cold tub in the back yard....good idea...but we managed to get a teeny tiny crack in the inside finish, and the drain seal isn't sealing, there is a tiny hole there......oh well......wonder woman....will take care of it. I have her on speed dial. 

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Summer in Makaha

My Birthday is August 8th-----It's very hot these it is across the planet. It is interesting to me, how some people can deny that there is a Global Warming situation, and that the weather conditions are changing, and changing drastically.  Any to stay cool.....I put on my swimsuit, and since i am working, I just drop in the kiddy pool in my back yard.  Ahhhhh the idea of having a summer off...sure sounds good.  But, I am taking a fall vacation this year.  So--I have to stay focused.  The Chickens are a lot of work---feel silly....I do like eggs, but not all the time, and organic is good. With all the rains, the corn for feed is going to be a higher priced soon.  When the 4 younger ones start laying, I will give or sell off, three of them.  2 is plenty for me. "Ruby" the one laying now, is slowing down on laying...they tell me, due to the heat. I don't blame her. Hahaha.....I've done the HGC protocol 4 times now, just about done, then I take 3 weeks off and start up again. I have lost lots of inches. Down from a 17/18 to a 14.....I love seeing less fat on my back and arms, etc.....I am keeping with it. HGC  works wonders for me.