Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Picture Frame Succulent Wall Gardens

From Better Homes & Garden (August 2011)---I love love love these!


Follow the forward NEXT arrow on top right--to learn how to build these….

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Got a new car.....well new to me--2010!

My 2003 Hyundai Santa Fe---now it needs a Catalytic Converter---$1000 repair!  Yikes! Last summer it needed the top half rebuilt, and I put in a new Air Conditioner and Timing Belt.  With my work---I couldn't wait for a repair...would have taken a week or more. So, I went shopping, and settled on a cute Green Kia Soul!  You know the one with the dancing, hip hop Guinea Pigs!  I can get with that!  Hahaha.

They let me keep my Hyundai, since it wasn't working anyway.....So----If all goes well....I will sell my boat this week, and take $1000 and fix it!  Then I will have my cute--2003 Hyundai up for sale!

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Summertime...is really really hot!

My sinus' have bothered me for weeks. I probably need to swim more.....the ocean is a terrific neti pot.  This is a restaurant I hope to find in Roma this fall.  I am having a hard time focusing.

I hope your all having a good summer.

My chicks are growing fast....my friend helped me clip their wings again. I just don't want them running all over the place. The manure goes in my garden, when I want it too, not everyday.

The cold tub in the back yard....good idea...but we managed to get a teeny tiny crack in the inside finish, and the drain seal isn't sealing, there is a tiny hole there......oh well......wonder woman....will take care of it. I have her on speed dial. 

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Summer in Makaha

My Birthday is August 8th-----It's very hot these days.....as it is across the planet. It is interesting to me, how some people can deny that there is a Global Warming situation, and that the weather conditions are changing, and changing drastically.  Any way...how to stay cool.....I put on my swimsuit, and since i am working, I just drop in the kiddy pool in my back yard.  Ahhhhh the idea of having a summer off...sure sounds good.  But, I am taking a fall vacation this year.  So--I have to stay focused.  The Chickens are a lot of work---feel silly....I do like eggs, but not all the time, and organic is good. With all the rains, the corn for feed is going to be a higher priced soon.  When the 4 younger ones start laying, I will give or sell off, three of them.  2 is plenty for me. "Ruby" the one laying now, is slowing down on laying...they tell me, due to the heat. I don't blame her. Hahaha.....I've done the HGC protocol 4 times now, just about done, then I take 3 weeks off and start up again. I have lost lots of inches. Down from a 17/18 to a 14.....I love seeing less fat on my back and arms, etc.....I am keeping with it. HGC  works wonders for me.

Monday, July 11, 2011


The weekend was far too short.....an old friend moved over to Oahu, and came out for a visit. We had mojito's and good talks. Sunday I drew her a map and we met up again at Polo. Beautiful sun filled, windy day.Now, the week has started, and it's already the end of the day. Time is flying by! My desk is a mess, but I got a lot done today. Ended up eating ice cream for lunch....I start my 4th HGC protocol on Thursday, so I guess I am calorie loading today...hhahha.  Transpac is just about here, or at least the first boats are, and families have been arriving. I am on the HYC Hospitality team, and work my first shift end of the day this Wednesday.  Fun times ahead......I do love sailing, sailors, wind and boats!  Enjoy everyone!

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Europe trip this fall

It is getting closer. I will be going to London, France and Italy again this Fall. This is the trip that was canceled when I was robbed in Valencia a few years back. More to come....

Sunday, April 17, 2011

My Hen House

It was an inspired day.....I am loving getting my hen house, and run done. I have lots of thinking and planning, and not being a carpenter, I do the best I can. My dear sweet friend Sam Murray inspired me a few weeks back, while visiting their amazing family in Vista, CALIF. He showed me his chickens, his amazingly fertile soil, under his Tangerines, and the tropical cuttings I send them, that he babies, and grew in his little green house. It was so fun and good seeing them all. The last week, out of the blue...I get a call, that Sam has passed away. I was and still am in shock. I think it was Mersa----in his back. Such a horrible thing, that we have here on the planet. He seemed so healthy. I am still sad at his passing, but feel his spirit around me, especially, while making the hen house. THANK YOU SAM! May your spirit fly.

Friday, March 25, 2011

The next adventure

the tsunami wasn't the scary thing...it was the nuclear fall out. Since I was a child...there was always this concern, or fear...that we would be radiated. We were supposed to build fall out shelters...not many did...and the rest of us...were amazed and jealous of those with the where with all to pull it off.

I was in Anaheim at the Natural Products Expo----when I woke to hear that my boat, car and house, could have been wiped out, from the Tsunami. Weird really...the day....the realization, that in that one morning...my life could have taken a drastic change. Thanks goodness it didn't. I love my life.

Then as we watched to see what happened, I had finished a terrific expo, had a fun Organic sushi night with my industry friends, spent the night with my beloved Vista Organic gardening family friends, and driven to Yuma to see my Mom. It was a full week. Full of concern, innocence, amazement, and some fear. I don't like fear....never had too much time for it. But, here it was.....sitting heavily on my heart. What to do? What could I do? What could I afford to do ?

So...I enjoyed time with my mom, and her long long long honey do list. Funny...after awhile, she was just bossing me around. I had to remind her to say thank you. Then scold her for being so closed minded about the rickety old step she won't replace for her RV. She is sooo stubborn. She says we must trust her, and leave her to her own devices. I worry, a bit, as she could fall out, and seriously hurt herself. Then she would have a hard time living on her own. I found a really good one, up one of the roads at River's Edge RV park, and the man that would make it for her, deliver it, and set it. She refused! Even said, she would lock Cal and I out of her RV, if we didn't leave her alone. She sounded like a 10 year old......I laughed about it several times....and told her friends and we all laughed..her too...after awhile.

The balance is to leave her safe, and support her in her independence, without being stupid about it. She has her mind and is still funny and clear. Thank Goodness! again...with the Goodness....Goddess...the Gods....the universe...whatever it is for you...for me....it is goodness!

And so.....the next adventure....keep up with the HGC protocol and minimal calories.....Clarity focus and weight loss....good pairing. During the initial 21 days---I felt so amazing...like this was a magic elixer. For me it balanced me...I felt mentally clear, calm, yet very energized. This amazing balanced feeling... kept steady in me during the 3 x a day doses, until the 23rd day. I did lose 15#----the HGC resets the hypo thalamus gland, which orders the repositioning of the bodies stored fat. I lost inches too.....amazing..really.

Now, I am in between doses. They say to go without the HGC for 6 weeks--so as not to become immune to it. My pendulum showed it as being a strong healer for me. I loved it....I felt wonderful on it. I plan on using it for many years to come.....indeed...it felt like I'd been drinking of the fountain of youth.

Another goal....or adventure... involves using some tricks I've learned about selling on Craig's list.....when I stick to it...I've done pretty well...moving out electronic things etc, I don't need anymore.....so the plan is to sell the rest of these items.....and buy the Street Strider! I am 3/4 there.....$$$ wise.... Check it out.... http://www.streetstrider.com/ --- have you seen one yet? I am fascinated! I feel this is the perfect exercise for me.

Then I must stick to it.....lose the whole 40 lbs.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

LOHS--40th Reunion

The Reunion team is planning the 40th for Sept 17th, 2011, in Portland Oregon. I won't be able to go, as I will be in France and Italy.