Sunday, November 21, 2010

JAY HARMAN: The Inventor of the Lily Impeller

I want to tell the world....spread this fantastic show. His Royal Highness Charles and a fantastic group of people Jay Harmon, and others, explaining sustainability and Biomimicry. There is no shortage of energy in nature. Human beings before profit. Please watch this. It will only be up at NBC until December 22, 2010.

Cut and Paste this link if it you can't click on it. It is so inspirational.

Happy Holidays!

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Feeling a bit lonely.....I have so many friends, but they are all over the world....I guess this is the result of being such an adventurous soul! Winds are Kona today, so we have the darn Big Island VOG! Which I was in last week, when I worked and weekended there. You know that stuff effects your lungs....maybe that is where my little blue patch is coming from. I work, I work, and work to enjoy my life.....nearing retirement age, I am slower now...I know....what is that to live or live to work ?? Hahaha...take care dear hearts. Reach out to me if your so moved! ALOHA!

Monday, November 1, 2010

The seasons are coming fast!

WOW----photo comment........Witch ride to choose today? anyway.....Halloween is past, and we are quickly sliding into the Thanksgiving and Christmas seasons. Even though we don't get snow, we do get plenty of rain, and some gray skies, which to us, here in Hawaii, is the season change.

I played at the Yacht Club for Halloween, and wore some gorgeous boots, but the blisters today hurt, and I can only wear zori's. You know them as flip flops, thongs, etc...

I came home yesterday, and got inspired to rearrange my front room. It looks good......I love it. The couch is now, usable for a little lay down, or as the guest bed it was meant to be. Any one coming over to visit me ?

A bit of 'lonely' swept over me, which is a time to re-inspire myself, and appreciate what I have. Thanks Julie for your friendship, and willingness for long phone time. You inspire me too.

Blessings to all and to life!