Sunday, August 8, 2010

Ancestral Castle outside Lyon, France

My ancestors the de Chiel's lived in this area for 1000 years! I was planning on exploring there this fall. I still have the ticket, but can put the miles back if I want to. I needed to fix my car, and do more on my boat this that was the priority. Still in it!

It's my Birthday.....

I feel happy today! I don't know why, but I do know that I am lucky! I was born this way....basically pretty happy. I grew up with self doubt, and still have trickles of that....but mostly....I am good. Older yet, wiser, like a fine bubbly wine....hahaha! I am meeting some friends at Polo this afternoon. I want to get a table. I usually wander around....and don't sit still. But, today...I want to be the's my day! They've hired my favorite band, Green Egg's & Sam. Cool day....Sun Day...polo in the sun, then dancing till dark! My kind of day for sure!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Challenging Tiger Year

I have had a few mechanical set backs already this year. Truly challenging ones that taught me surrender. First my beloved boat sank in her slip...she's back up now, and doesn't smell or anything, but still needs some work done. Then on July 4th early AM someone stole my entire front wheel, tire and lug nuts on passenger tire. Found the lug nuts at an open on holidays part that came together well too. Then 3 days later my Lifter froze on my engine. That was a total shock! I can barely work without my car. I had it towed to my neighbor, who is a terrific mechanic. He and his partner fixed me up in less than 2 weeks. Top half rebuilt, finished the AC job, new timing belt, and new water pump.....It is better than all the running after the tiger tail...I am breathing relief birthday is just around the corner....and my Polo club is throwing a huge party, and even hired my favorite band: Green Eggs & Sam! All for me....well, that is what I've been telling come to Polo and celebrate my Birthday.....I just want hugs and kisses this year.