Wednesday, December 22, 2010

My next dream....what can I sell....
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Sunday, November 21, 2010

JAY HARMAN: The Inventor of the Lily Impeller

I want to tell the world....spread this fantastic show. His Royal Highness Charles and a fantastic group of people Jay Harmon, and others, explaining sustainability and Biomimicry. There is no shortage of energy in nature. Human beings before profit. Please watch this. It will only be up at NBC until December 22, 2010.

Cut and Paste this link if it you can't click on it. It is so inspirational.

Happy Holidays!

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Feeling a bit lonely.....I have so many friends, but they are all over the world....I guess this is the result of being such an adventurous soul! Winds are Kona today, so we have the darn Big Island VOG! Which I was in last week, when I worked and weekended there. You know that stuff effects your lungs....maybe that is where my little blue patch is coming from. I work, I work, and work to enjoy my life.....nearing retirement age, I am slower now...I know....what is that to live or live to work ?? Hahaha...take care dear hearts. Reach out to me if your so moved! ALOHA!

Monday, November 1, 2010

The seasons are coming fast!

WOW----photo comment........Witch ride to choose today? anyway.....Halloween is past, and we are quickly sliding into the Thanksgiving and Christmas seasons. Even though we don't get snow, we do get plenty of rain, and some gray skies, which to us, here in Hawaii, is the season change.

I played at the Yacht Club for Halloween, and wore some gorgeous boots, but the blisters today hurt, and I can only wear zori's. You know them as flip flops, thongs, etc...

I came home yesterday, and got inspired to rearrange my front room. It looks good......I love it. The couch is now, usable for a little lay down, or as the guest bed it was meant to be. Any one coming over to visit me ?

A bit of 'lonely' swept over me, which is a time to re-inspire myself, and appreciate what I have. Thanks Julie for your friendship, and willingness for long phone time. You inspire me too.

Blessings to all and to life!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

The old de Chiel chateau is in ruins, but parts can still be seen as a part of a Convalescent hospital just outside of Lyon, France. Chazay sur l'Auzergues. This chimney was from the chateau.

The writing below is a rough french to english translation...I will refine it....later:

It was founded towards the end of 10th century by the noble and wealthy family Chiel, which held the lordship of Tredós, which was later Beaulieu. Huguette Chiel and son, Aroud, and Guillaume (William,) squires. A branch of the family deCheil Tredo possessed of the manor at that time the duke, and what areas still called today deChiel, below the village, which is presently at the Duke of Mortemart. In 1313, John Chiel heir of duke, made his will. Dukes, Lords and Chevalier were their titles.

Means that he wanted to be buried in the monastery of Notre-Dame de la Bruyere, Jacques, his son, his heir, and failing him, William Chiel, his brother, a child, including his wife who is pregnant, or clerk, if a son, he has two, one being a cleric and another monk, if a girl, leaving a 700 pounds dowry. Tutors will Cheil Guillaume Guillaume de Varennes Genay and Amon.

Towards the end of 1334, in the courtyard of the abbey before the apartment of the lord abbot, had held the honor of noble fief William Chiel, young squire, fills the late William Knight. This family had many land holdings in Lucenay The Chassagne, and Morancez Chazay.


But this time William had refused to swear homage in the same way as his ancestors, to the Abbe Barthelemy Cinvins, with protests. It is recognized that the said Sir William Chiel, take the oath of fidelete right, in the same shape as his predecessors.

This was done in the year 1334. Witnesses present: Barthelemy Vianiere, Don Guichard Lissie, Prior of the Hawthorn, Jean d'Arod, Hugh and Peter Miribel Mallens, all monks Ainay (291).

Both nobles weary of the fight looking for ways to appease the case. Accordingly, after having deliberated in their advice, and with their friends, he was arrested by the Archbishop of Lyon and the Abbot of Ainay would share the high and low justice of these territories and the jurisdiction of each will be marked by markers indicating the limits. All the command of Chazay in deca and beyond the Azerques, is the abbot has Ainay, and throughout the home has Chasselay archbishop. The limits are well marked, leaving the mill Volatiere, which is the….

Edward of Thel, son of Milo and Margaret Commiers succeeded his father in the lordship of Charnay. Cheil he married Jacqueline, daughter of Antoine Chiel, Lord of Beaulieu, and left at his dying, as his lordship of Thel Jean, his eldest son.

John Thel, young squire, siegneur Charney, son of Edward and Jaqueline Chiel, made his will September 19, 1434. He mentions Milo of Thel, Knight, his aleul, and had to be buried in the church chapel of Charnay.

He named his father Edward of Thel, and his mother Jacqueline deCheil. He founded a pout anniveraire John Thel, his uncle, and bequeathed a hermerie vine Arthhaude his Souer, religious Alix. He mentions the lady Maarguerite Commiers his grandmother and institute of Thel Jean, his cousin, Lord of Lespinasse, inherit his assets, in which he substitutes for death Antoine, brother John said, that it was Jane Varennes Lord of Rappetour and one of Anthony and William Albon, conseigneurs Bagnols.


Every day the danger becomes more pressing, August 14, 1417, Charles VI informed the CL that the Duke of Burgundy is preparing to invade the province intends to seize Lyons. Even in the time bailiff Macon deluguait Andre Chevrier to visit and to state the defense of fortresses Lyonnais who remained faithful to the king. The Chateau de Beaulieu, after the terrible attacks he had suffered, had to be rebuilt and repaired by Gallias Chiel. The abbot of Ainay claimed him on his right and suzerainty Gallias Chazay comes to him homage fief 1454 (548)

This noble Gallias or Gallien Chiel, who lent fealty to Baron Chazay, was the son of Antoine de Chiel, knight, lord of Chanures en Bresse, on Anse de Beaulieu and Montellier, his mother was Antoinette Gigny, lady d'Arromas. Gallien had married Beautrais of Thel, sister of Edward of Thel, lord of Charnay, which in turn had married Jacqueline de Chiel, sister of Gallienus Chiel (550) Thus, these two families, the largest of the region, were united by mutual alliances, increasing their influence and wealth, to better aid and support effectively in these times of continual war.


Coat of Arms—described: The de Chiel’s of Beaulieu had the arms of the gold band of reds, a lambel 5 to 7 pieces of blue (551) This patch must still be somewhere in the tower vielille Beaulieu


Gallien Chiel had two children that we find listed in the will of their uncle, Odo Chiel, knight, lord of Chanu, who inherited his property December 22, 1485 (552). These two children were named Louis and Jane Chiel. Louis succeeded his father in the manor of Beaulieu.

In 1466, the Abbot Theodore Terrail made a purchase at Lord Beaulieu, Gallien Chiel, and served in various compounds; Anees 10 wheat, 8 bichets barley, oats 24 tsunami, 8 LAPESA oil, 48 chickens and 6 pounds of silver, served annual owed by leaseholders to Chazay. Morance, Charnay et Lucenay (574)

It also establishes a lawful manner all service rntes and nobles of the Barony of Chazay (575) But in 1469, Lord of Beaulieu, Gallien Chiel, (being short)--not having served the balance established on one of its vineyards located the Hamlet of La Chapelle, near Tredo, the Abbot is to take the fruit of the vine until payment of the pension Noble (576). (Seized his vines , grapes, or wine)


On the death of Theodore Terrail, the manor passed to Morancez Chiel of the Abbot of Ainay; that of Lozanne belonged in part to St. Julien, part of the Vaurs; Civrieux to that of the Sarron since 1418 , That of the Abbe of Marcilly Ainay; Janze to that of the Verd, that of the Abbe of Dommartin Ainay, and that of St. John; Lissieu to that of Lambert.

The de Sarron were hundred and fifty years of Civrieux lords, who first appeared, Anthony Sarron had two son, and Jean Guichard, who succeeded another. Ancelise, their Sister, who had married Antoine Chiel, Graton above named, Lord of Beaulieu, made his will in 1424.

She elects (chose) her burial in the Parochialle Church of Anse in the chapel of the Blessed Virgin. The will is dated – at the house of her husband, Antoine de Chiel, and it establishes her heirs (691).

Geoffrey of Salornay, Knight, Lord of Salornay, married Jeanne d'Albon, daughter of Thibaud d'Albon, seigneur de Chatillon-d'Azergues towards the end of the fourteenth century. The family was Salornay ally to Chiel, Lord of Beaulieu; Marguerite de Salorney married Francois Salorney Chiel, son of William Chiel, Lord of Beaulieu, and Antoinette (Ars) Gigny Chiel, lady d'Arromas.

deChiels----in 1579----our progenator 's Grandfather------moved his family to Edinburgh, Scotland. He handed over his holdings to a brother, and his family line.

I believe him to be a Templar. from the 1000's to the late 1500's-------over 500 years of Knighthood is recorded to this family in this region. It is not such a stretch for them to be defenders of Jerusaleum. The French Royal's were nutty, and in fighting at this time. By choosing to emigrate to free thinking Scotland, he opened the door for his Grandson, to emigrate further on into America in 1685.


Charney was then to Lord Anthony of Thel, and is cited in the will of the Lord of Beaulieu, Gallisá Chiel, March 9, 1648. We believe that this was the last of the family that owns the lordship of Charnay. We find in fact in 1648 the lord of Revol as Lord de Charney, who was in turn succeeded in 1753 in Duleiu Chevenvous Count Souvigny, who sold it to Sir Durand 1789 Chatillion

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Ancestral Castle outside Lyon, France

My ancestors the de Chiel's lived in this area for 1000 years! I was planning on exploring there this fall. I still have the ticket, but can put the miles back if I want to. I needed to fix my car, and do more on my boat this that was the priority. Still in it!

It's my Birthday.....

I feel happy today! I don't know why, but I do know that I am lucky! I was born this way....basically pretty happy. I grew up with self doubt, and still have trickles of that....but mostly....I am good. Older yet, wiser, like a fine bubbly wine....hahaha! I am meeting some friends at Polo this afternoon. I want to get a table. I usually wander around....and don't sit still. But, today...I want to be the's my day! They've hired my favorite band, Green Egg's & Sam. Cool day....Sun Day...polo in the sun, then dancing till dark! My kind of day for sure!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Challenging Tiger Year

I have had a few mechanical set backs already this year. Truly challenging ones that taught me surrender. First my beloved boat sank in her slip...she's back up now, and doesn't smell or anything, but still needs some work done. Then on July 4th early AM someone stole my entire front wheel, tire and lug nuts on passenger tire. Found the lug nuts at an open on holidays part that came together well too. Then 3 days later my Lifter froze on my engine. That was a total shock! I can barely work without my car. I had it towed to my neighbor, who is a terrific mechanic. He and his partner fixed me up in less than 2 weeks. Top half rebuilt, finished the AC job, new timing belt, and new water pump.....It is better than all the running after the tiger tail...I am breathing relief birthday is just around the corner....and my Polo club is throwing a huge party, and even hired my favorite band: Green Eggs & Sam! All for me....well, that is what I've been telling come to Polo and celebrate my Birthday.....I just want hugs and kisses this year.

Monday, June 21, 2010

2010 Bronchial infection

This has not been a fun 3 weeks....I have been down and pretty much out. I thought today, I was pretty over it, and its back again. I am coughing up stuff, and feel very low energy! I do hope this ends soon. It would be nice to have 3 weeks off, but doing something fun, not this!