Thursday, March 19, 2009

Beautiful Grandbabies

My daughter Jesika, has been using her iPhone for terrific pictures lately. These of the littlest one, Je'Naiya, and her sister Ariel came in just now!  So cute! yeah ??? 

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

My Boat in the Ala Wai

This is my Office in town!   I love staying overnight, being rocked to sleep. It helps, if I have early AM meetings, as the traffic is horrible, coming from Makaha in the AM!  Also, great, if I need to stay after a late night at HYC!!

Ayutthaya -Thai Ancient Capital-River Tour

I took a terrific day tour to Ayutthaya, the ancient capital of Thailand. I saw more temples, and Buddha's in one day, than I would have imagined. Thai people, donate their money and time to their faith. All of the temples are trimmed and painted with GOLD!  Pricey stuff, even if it is paint, they actually use a lot of gold in decorating. They also have a large poverty population, wish they spent more on their people. Sounds a bit like the USA too. Coming back we cruised back to Bangkok, with a dinner cruise.  Amazing river life.....too bad the river is so polluted!

Christmas in Chiang Mai

Iwas able to fly up to Chiang Mai to see my good buddy, John. I met Crista and and Louie, also from Austin.  Louie is such a good skooter driver, he drove the three us (Crista, Me and himself)  around Chiang Mai inside the moat for a day of fun!  I had a terrific Thai!  It is so different--therapeutic!  I hurt a bit the next day, but in a good way. 

Thailand journy

I flew to Bangkok, and on to Bumrungrad Hospital.  This is the best hospital in the world. The people, were professional, and elegant.  Service and Grace and key descriptors for Thai people.  I am starting on a new business, called, Dream Fulfillment Tours.  I already have 6 women, that want me to lead them, since I have the experience.  I have contacts with Custom Tailors, and amazing Jewelers.  So this tour, would be for medical, exploration, custom tailoring, and Gems. Thailand has fabulous gold and precious gems! 

My good friend Frank, was an incredible host!  He reminded me to be a "guest". I was served oatmeal and delicious Indian food often, and shared sacred space and meals with his friends.  Thank you dearest Frank! Much Love to you!

More on Bali

I love Bali!  There are still great places to see, and enjoy!  Tourism is down in Asia too, so there are deals to make, and the Balinese are glad your there. Chiandi dasa (SP) is lovely..I bought the coolest ship kites there.  I need to send them to the kids, and put mine together. Oh and the massages, were excellent...$3 to $5 each....yummy!


I had a surgery planned in Thailand, but when Bankgok airport closed down, I went to Bali first. Which was great, since I could move around a lot easier.  I have lots of friends in Ubud, Tampaksiring, & Sminyak.